Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Bad Christmas Shopping Day

I had a tough morning getting out the of house... organizing Geran to go off to daycare, getting baby ready for shopping day. Looking forward to meeting up with a gf for coffee. Kinda excited to have a semi-normal Christmas Shopping exerience.

We are on a tight budget, like many, and I was planning on using my Sears card for some stocking stuffers etc.
We recently paid it off and it was at zero waiting for a Christmas experience of it's own. When I went to get my card, it was missing, so I figured I could use my husbands, and wanted him to call Sears to see if it was ok.
First they tell us our account will be frozen by 12:30pm if we don't pay $10 min payment, we missed. However, I paid it in full, so they had mixed up something. But needless to say, James had to come with me and skip out on work. So down he came to fix the problem and leave me to my Christmas shopping.
I went about my merry way and he his... until they wouldn't let me pay at the til and I had to call him to come help me pay for the stuff... which he left work AGAIN and came and helped out.
I had girlfriend waiting on me and wanted to hurry and get visiting with her. So I said why doesn't she just drive me and home and you can go back to work, I will take the car seat base with me and she can put me and the baby in her car.
Sounded good, it was then I realized that I LOST my purse!!

It was in the stroller, and fell out somwhere! I was  I ran all over the mall and then back into Sears.. talked to security guards... figured my purse was gone, along with everything , phone, money, cc, ID, daytimer, everything! Someone probably stole it! I was starting to freak out...
Then, as I was getting upset, this perfume lady stopped me and asked what was wrong, I told her. ( I was back in Sears) and she called around to her private guard in the store, and he was currently bringing it up to the lady's department... Some lady handed it in!! Christmas miracle... there are kind people at Christmas time... wish I could thank her!
After that I hooked up with my girlfriend Laura, and told James he can just go back to work and I'll take the car seat base and get Laura to drive me home... we shopped a bit... I was pretty hungry too.
We went into the grocery store attached to the mall and I went to buy my pampers with my 10 dollar coupon off... and there was problem, I had to buy a certain amount to get the coupon off, so they called the manager, held up the line, I felt stupid...the saving grace part was that the cashier was hard of hearing and we got to use sign language and chat the whole time, which was a lot of fun!
The manager came and just said 'screw it' and gave me the 10$ off.! Sweet Christmas kindness again!
There was a cafe in the grocery store so I bought a couple samsa's to eat... so starving... heated it up in the microwave at the grocery store... and proceeded to drop them on the floor... no dinner for me.!!
At this point I wanted to cry. After being tossled and bumped into and shoved aside during the season, which is expected...but after the whole losing my purse, forgetting my sears card, and loosing dinner, I wasn't impressed. I looked at Laura and just wanted to go get my two year old from daycare and go home!
It was then I realized I forgot the car seat base and had to get James to come get me and drive me home! AGAIN!
At this point I got a text from the daycare telling me Geran was having a breakdown at daycare, crying for me and missing me. He had a hard day, not wanting to share, pee'd his pants on the floor and having a missing mommy day... so I had to call and send James to get him before he got me.
Luckily the evening went better. James made dinner and the kids and I watched Christmas shows and had a great night sleep!
Sigh... It is days like these I wish I had a drinking problem!

Merry Christmas!

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