Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Bed Bucks to keep lil' ones in bed.

For my eldest son... we used Bed Bucks to help keep him from darting outa bed for 'another pee, another snack, more hugs, another drink of water etc.'
They would get 3 Bed Bucks (play money)
And each time they 'came out or called us into their room' they had to give us a bed buck.
Each buck could stand for (a drink of water, a story, a hug and kiss, a pee etc)
When all three bed bucks were gone, we didn't go in again or do any of their requests.

It worked brilliantly! You must be strong in the first week or so... cause they will 'test' you. If after the 3 bucks are gone, you must NOT go in when they call. If they come out, you gently take them back to bed, say nothing or as little as possible, like, "It's bedtime, I love you." and put them back and leave.

This worked well for our VERY persistent boy.

Thought I would share the idea with others who maybe struggling keeping their little one in bed.

Good Luck!

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  1. Also, you can make the "Bed Bucks" together. With my oldest son, I think it was 'spiderman money' but you can make anything on the computer now a days.