Sunday, December 18, 2011

Why don't children's listen?

Becoming an asking parent instead of a telling parent.

So we have been trying this new way of talking to Geran, my two year old. I was reading up on being an asking parent and it works quite well. Instead of getting into power struggles by trying to chase the two year old all over the house to get him to put his jacket on to go outside. I stopped saying, "Geran, come here and put your jacket on." And we started saying, "Geran what do you need to wear to go outside in the cold?" Geran runs up to me and says, (very proudly I may add) "A jacket mommy!" Then I say, can you show me how a big boy can put on his jacket? and he proceeds to show me and says "Like this!"

It was a miracle, and yet so simple. This doesn't work every single time, but it works a lot. Not only am I getting to do the things I need him to do, I am engaging his brain to do the thinking. He know is practicing small problem solving techniques at two years old.

To invite your child to think...

Ask things like...
"what do you need to do so your hands are not sticky?"
"what do you need to do before we watch the tv show?"

For more information on becoming an asking parent see this utube video below:

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