Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Successful Parenting

Everyone wants to be a successful parent. But ask yourself what does that means?
How does this look?
Is the house spotless, is dinner on the table at 5pm
Are the kids always clean and polite?
Is the laundry always done and put away?
What does a successful parent mean to you?

Do you have time to play with your kids?
Are your kids happy and loving?
Do you include family date night or family day?
Are you showered and well kept everyday?

I am going to let you in on a secret. PARENTS are far from perfect... if your house is spotless, chances are you have spit up on you. If your kids are clean, chances are they wiped their dirty hands on your clothes. If your laundry and dishes are done, your bathroom probably is messy. If your kids are happy and loving, your leaves are probably not raked.

What I am trying to say, is something has to give. Nobody can do it all and have it all. You can have some of it at some point and all of it sometimes, but that's rare.

So if you feel that you fail as a parent today or you yelled, or you didn't clean up or you missed the mail... give yourself a break.

I want all of you reading this and ALL OF YOU! I mean it! You must do this!
Write it down on your computer notepad, text into your phone, use your ipad or use that old fashion paper and pen if you must... but write down your successes as a parent or a person.

Write THREE big sucesses in your life this year and be as detailed as possible... don't write, I am a good person, I have a home. BE SPECIFIC.

Here are mine for an example:
1. I run my own baby sign language business. I am learning and have learned about financial record keeping and business knowhow. I know more about running a business now in my life than ever before.
2. I gave birth to a beautiful, healthy baby boy. I make sure he gets 15 mins a day of my personal playtime. I make sure he is well fed, changed and socially happy. I am there for him every day and every night.
3. I am good at interpersonal skills. I am good with people. I am outgoing and fun and I have great ideas. I love planning parties and coming up with fun ways to decorate or play fun games. People like being around me.

I know some of the above may sound cheesy or boastful, but we all need to do more of it. It is easy to write about what we are bad at or what we struggle with... it is much harder to write positive affirmations, but it is necessary.

So go do it and give yourself a pat on the back for the kind of person you are!

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