Thursday, March 10, 2011

Adults or Children

How do you not feel upset, angry and dissapointed when one of your children do something extreemly stupid?
My 19 year old finally got a job working 14 bucks an hour apprenticeship with NO high school education and NO experience. It was a favour from a friend and within 3 days, he decides NOT to go anymore. I shake my head in disgust. Either he is really stupid, insane, or thinks he can have a free ride living at home without a job, school or effort. Well, life is going to smack him right in the face when he realizes at the end of the month, when he moves out, that he has no prospects. As a parent, it is very hard not to take  your children failures and poor decisions personally.
This must be another way nature prepares a parent to let your children move out and go without it being painful.

1 comment:

  1. That's super frustrating. you really don't get breaks like that very often when you don't have an education or real work training :(

    hard to say what's going on in his head! You've been trying so hard to give him the help he needs to jump start into life, but you can't really help those who don't want to accept it.

    Hopefully he's not like me and take til he's 30 to find out what job suits him :P