Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Sign Language and the missing Kazoo

My 20 months has a lot of words, but also incorporates a lot of his sign language. Today, he runs around the corner and begins signing and mimicking the sounds for his Kazoo; he was pretty excited. I knew the kazoo was missing and I wouldn't be able to help him. I said, "oh Sorry honey, the kazoo is lost, I don't know where it is." He wouldn't let up and kept running back and forth from the living room signing kazoo and trying to get my attention. Curious I followed him to the living room and he bolted for his shape toy and pointed inside of it, where his shapes are. I peeked in and sure enough, there was his Kazoo! I retrieved it for him and he was so happy, playing his kazoo.

Now without sign language, would I have known what he wanted? What was so excited about? I doubt it... it was pretty amazing, that this baby under the age of 2 was able to tell me his wants and what he had discovered! He found the missing Kazoo.

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