Sunday, March 6, 2011

The birth of life for two babies

One heading into this world shortly and the other heading out. Dustin finally found a place to live, now he needs a job to support it. He's got a roomate willing to take him in April 1st... and by May 22nd, we will have a new baby moving in. It is a weird feeling for a mother, letting go of one baby and welcoming another.

Someone said that teenagers were made to be miserable, so it was easier on the parents to be able to let them move out. If teens were sweet and kind and helpful, a parent would never want their children to leave. This is Gods way of pushing them out on their own to become their own person.

I have a little one kicking and moving about inside me. I hear the heartbeat, I feel the tiny kicks and I have Geran to hug and squeeze, who reminds me what is coming. All this love is bursting inside me and I am glad to have it come into my life.

I am struggling between seeing my 19 year old as a baby moving out, or a giant man getting too big for the house. I feel both at loss and scared for him, excited and nervous and happy and calm about the transition.
Maybe it is pregnancy hormones, or maybe its natural, but crying sometime helps settle the emotional ride I am on.

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