Thursday, March 3, 2011

Baby Shower Trade Show

Wednesday night Trade Show in Abbotsford went better than expected. I had people lined up at my table to talk with me. I wish I could have taken more time to chat with people. It was awesome to have so many interested in baby signs. I am hoping that these moms are going to teach their babies to sign. I know the benefits and rewards behind it.

Over 200 people walked through the door that night, about 70 of them pregnant moms. It was great to meet them and even some brought their little babies... so cute.

James helped me at the booth and was invaluable. He was sharing his experience as a father's point of view and keeping everyone entertained until I was free to chat with them as well. We were a great team. I really enjoyed doing this with my husband.

I had a wonderful friend babysit for me and step up to help me out in this time of need. It is hard for me to accept help and admit when I am overwhelmed, but I did and she was awesome!


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