Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Rainy love

Let it pour, let it pour, let it pour. I love this kind of rain. Pouring down like it really means it.

I remember walking in rain like this with my mom when I was young. She always made me appreciate the rain. She said it was her favourite, almost as much as sunny beach days. I want to instill that with my son. So far he likes to jump in puddles and catch the rain in his mouth as if it was catching snow on his tongue. If you live on the coast of BC and you don't like the rain, maybe you should consider moving, we have a lot of it here.

I am getting more and more pregnant each day and even though we are so not prepared for this new baby, we are very excited about it joining our family. I wonder how my son will react. I am guessing a great novelty for a while, and then when the baby doesn't 'go back home somewhere' there may be some jelousy.

My largest hope is that Geran will love to show the new baby all his sign language he knows. I believe that children are our best teachers. They are enthusiastic and they love to learn.

Keep smiling and go for a walk in the puddles today... don't forget to splash in a puddle and remember being young and carefree.


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