Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Signing mama's

Well, it is great to be back... had my computer down for over 2 weeks. I now have a brand new laptop... a dream for a writer. It was a surprise birthday gift! I feel so loved. The two babies are sick today with snotty noses and coughs, yet they are still so sweet and fun.

I followed up with some moms who took my Baby Sign Workshop last August and it was great to hear they were still signing with their babies and now their little ones were signing back at them! The success stories always make what I do worth while.

I had a pregnant mom come today and pick up her Getting Started kit for her unborn baby and it was great to see her excitement. I love making life easier, especially for new parents.

So great!

Still slowly introducing Geran to potty time. He doesn't mind being on the potty, but I haven't caught him poo or pee lately, so it is hard to show him how 'cool' it can be. Luck of that first draw I guess.

talk soon...

Ciao for now.

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