Friday, October 14, 2011

Baby Sign Language - a business

Today I realized that not everyone can run a business. It takes passion at first, some risk second, and then you start. Most people can make it this far. But when it gets slow, messy, busy, difficult, lonely, a lot of people bow out. The passion fizzles and you let it go. To really run a business, you have to stick to it. Even when your feeling rotten, you have to Blog, even when you have no one calling you for business, you have to pick up the phone and convince them to come to you. Even when its crazy busy and your kids are all around you pulling you in many directions, you have to return emails, order product, post and file your work. The business doesn't care what workload you have, nor does it care how you are feeling, you still need to be persistent and never give up yourself. This is why not everyone can run a business.

So if your like me, a stay at home mom, trying to run a business... never sell yourself short. Never punish yourself because it isn't perfect yet or your not rich yet... just Congratulate yourself that your still plugging along and your doing the job no matter how hard or how your feeling.

Celebrate yourself today! This week is Home Business Week.

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