Tuesday, October 11, 2011

First Class

Well after a long 12 weeks off with baby, I had my first baby sign class today. Geran went to daycare with his friends and had a blast. Nashy got some mommy one on one and my students learned their first 6 sign words. They all caught on fairly quickly. I think I have a great class with very attentive moms who are familiar with the benefits of sign already, so no sale, just learning.

I loved having a space just for my class, no more living room disruption. James has worked so hard on the room, it was nice to finally be in there. I know it will morph and grow with the weeks to come. Each weekend we will be adding to the classroom. I am just so happy to finally be able to show it off to some great moms!

Nashville learned a lot too. He really enjoyed the songs. All the babies and toddlers stopped and danced or looked or listened when the music was on or the parents were singing. It is amazing how much music effects kids. We should be using this more and more as a behaviour strategy for kids in school.

Even high school kids respond to music... hello... should this not be in every classroom redirection program?
Just a thought.

What a fantastic first class and I know I will only get better with time... like wine.

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