Thursday, October 6, 2011

Welcom Wagon Baby Shower Trade Show

What a great time we had at the Trade Show. I love when the moms bring in small babies and I can use BeeBo and sign with them. it captivates them and show parents how easy and fun it is to sign with babies. My favourite age is about 7-10 months...the crawling age. They climb all over Beebo and try to copy signs. It is sooo cute to see. James, my rock, my love, was such a great support. He is so open and honest about his feelings on signing and how it helped him bond with his sons.

Many moms were interested in sign.... and many of them will be taking classes with me in the future. I learn so much about how to pitch this essential idea and at each event I learn more and more. I learned that saying less and asking more questions engages more interest. I also learned that each mom is so different than another, but all the have one thing in common... the desire to have less frustration and stress when they have their baby. Signing will do this for them.

I love that I have the ability to change their lives!

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