Saturday, October 29, 2011

Life Long Learning

We teach our babies to sign, our toddlers to walk, our two year olds to clean up, our three year olds to read ABC's and it keeps going... write your name, read a word etc... if we are teaching our children to be continual learners... why does this stop with some adults?

Today we all realize our children must finish high school, and we try to teach our teens to attend university... but how many adults, if after we get our 'jobs' do we just stop learning? Stop researching, stop studying? We loose the habit we spent our whole lives doing.

Great motivational speakers have one thing in common, they all believe in hard works, self discipline and life long learning.

So take a moment today and teach our baby a new sign, if not for them, for you to learn and keep on learning. Let's instill the habit of life long learning on ourselves and make it easier for our children to understand the benefits and delights that go with that.

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Keep learning!

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