Tuesday, February 15, 2011

After Valentine's Blues

Does anyone get the after Valentine's Blues? I know it happens after Christmas, but I wondered about the people that woke up with a cold empty bed beside them and how it felt? Or maybe there honey was there beside them, but they were disappointed on how the day before went. How many people invest that day to have their 'lover, husband, wife, partner, what-have-you,' show them how much they care and then are disappointed on the outcome? I wonder what the stats are on breakups on the day After Valentine's Day. Does the pressure of showing love decrease the heart behind the gesture? If Valentine's by a different day...

Lucky for me, we decided our Valentine's Day was today... the day after... taking BACK the right to choose when WE want to love each other. Not to mention the great deals on flowers and chocolates the day after.


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