Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Service Industry

Who has ever left a store and went wow, they were so unhappy, or disinterested in me. Sure, they say, "how are you?" but do they mean it? I mean, if we are expected to be polite and smile at strangers as customers, what is expected of the people who are paid to serve us? Not much now-a-days. I remember a time, where customer service mattered and I am only in my 30's. But this is getting ridiculous. How many times this month have you gone home and went wow, that was excellent service, they were so polite and went out of there way for me? Can you count them on one hand? Has our service industry gone so far by the waste side that we are generally surprised when a company calls a week after service asking how their business was. I am shocked when my dentist calls me 'personally' and asks how my teeth are after a filing or root canal. But isn't the service we should expect? Most service people I bump into look so miserable, or barley say what is 'necessary' to me and nothing more. The eye contact is miminal if best. I try to engage them sometimes, just to wake them up. Prompting the cashier with questions about her day, but usually it ends with them complaining about something, as if to justify why they looked miserable in the first place.

I leave you with this, what will you do tomorrow to spread a little cheer, a little love, a message of kindness... and not to strangers, but to the ones we love and care about. With such crappy customer service, why not try to bring some joy into the world... maybe it will spill out to the people we don't know.

Today, I got a note in the mail from a friend. It wasn't my birthday, or valentines or anything special. It was in a simple envelope with a simple small note paper that said, "...as you undergo the many transistions in your life, know that you are loved, supported and admired..." It was signed, 'I love ya, happily yours'... and had a cute sticker on it. That's it. It wasn't anything termendous or earth shaking, but it rocked my whole day and gave me such a great feeling of love and happiness... I felt the need to spread my joy to anyone I met in my day.

Next time you feel like being 'grumpy' at work, or just out of 'gas' remember, your smile and kind words, your extra minute of attention, your kind thought or words, can truly change someone's day.

Take care,


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