Friday, February 11, 2011

Three toddlers

Nothing cuter than three toddlers baking Valentine's cookies. One eating dough, the other running away with the cookie cutters and the other pressing the cookies with a cutter while grunting at the effort. Geran had his two little friends over to bake cookies yesterday, and it was so fun. They giggled and ran around the kitchen table most of the time, taking breaks to 'help' with the baking parts. Geran liked rolling the dough out and running off with the butterfly cutter.. 'flying' it around the kitchen. My favourite part was having all three up to the sink washing their hands in a sink full of bubbles. They loved washing their hands so much, they cried when I finally had to say, ok, your hands are washed.... they all had to wave bye bye to the water. I love the joy of the simple things seen through the eyes of a child.

When the cookies were in the oven, I showed the kids how to 'watch them bake' by turning the light on. Geran sat right in front of the oven crossed legged and said, "cool!" That is his new favourite word.
Later, during 'eat the cookie time,' I asked Geran which cookie he wanted... the butterfly, the elephant, the flamingo, the heart... He kept 'talking and pointing', but since I didn't understand what he was saying, I simply asked, "sign it to me Geran." And he immediately signed, "Elephant." I love how signing with my baby has made our relationship so easy going. I probably would have been able to show him each one, until he grabbed for the one he wanted, but in one second, I just asked and he told me. There's something to say about empowering our children and giving them the self confidence at this young age.

Geran's talking so much now, I hope to keep the signing up for new little Sweet Pea. That way, Geran can teach new baby. I am so excited about watching for this.

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