Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Best Date

James and I had the best date last night. It seems when you have children, dogs, a mortgage etc... you seem to appreciate date night a lot more than you use to, at least we did. It was really nice to have our friend, Mima, watch Geran so we could dress up and get ready for a real date.

We started out hanging out at Blockbuster wasting time and being silly, waiting for our table. Finally, we had a separate room at Ebisu Sushi House. We ordered the love boat, complete with tuna, salmon, tempura, teraki chicken, sushi rolls, miso soup, sunomono salad and more... It was so good, probably the best Sushi we have had in a long time. After dinner, we exchanged gifts. We haven't done that in years. James finally new who I was and got me specialty scrapbooking paper and stamps. I got him coffee goodies.

After Dinner, we decided to take a stroll down memory lane and went to Castle Fun Park. We went there when we were first 'flirting' years ago before I moved here. It was pretty neat, 15 years later.. here we were again, married with our second child on the way. We are still so much in love, so nice. We had a lot of fun, playing old video games and of course Skeet Ball.

It was a great night, with lots of laughter and fun.


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