Tuesday, February 1, 2011


I survived the self employment version of the Dragon's Den. Which wasn't at all like the den. Yes, I did have to pitch my idea to a panel of business men, hand in my business plan and convince them I knew what I was doing and my business idea was lucrative; but they were SUPER nice and helpful. They told me where to put my advertising money and more important where not to.
They believed in my company and agreed that baby sign language is not only a great business idea, but that it has great importance to the babies growing up in our society. It was so great having them back me up and having them avocate for me.

My loving husband made these stainless steal mugs with baby signs logo on it to give them for gifts. I went into the room looking totally pro and fun. They really liked the way I positioned myself in my business plan and thought this niche on the market was perfect timing.

I got great reviews from my advisers and from the business men. So overall... it was a great experience!

Got to go moonlight my other job, full time mom.


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