Saturday, February 12, 2011

Routine Routine

What is to be said about routine? We decided to try and put Geran down and fed him his bottle and then placed him to bed. He chatted a bit and then started to cry and fuss. We left it a bit, cause he sometimes does that. But it wasn't stopping. For about 45 minutes, we tried changing diaper, giving a bottle, rubbing his back... nothing worked. Then my hubby said, "we didn't do the routine tonight did we?" I thought about it and realized we missed some parts.
So after 1 hour, we went and got Geran out of bed and started the routine over again... minus the book we already read earlier. I fed him a bit of a bottle on the rocker... we talked about going to sleep, shut the lights off in the house. I carried him to say goodnight to the moon, trees and daddy... then we shut the fish light off and said goodnight to the fish and I layed him down in his crib and said night night. To my amazement, he said night night and we didn't hear a peep out of him.

There is something to say about routine. The psychological ramifications of this were pretty cool to think about. So simple was the routine, and we just missed it, in a hurry to paint our den... but if we took that extra 5 min and did the routine, he probably would have crashed without problems relieving all of our stress and his. Poor little guy. I kept asking what was wrong, but all he could answer was "ma ma, ma ma." He just didn't have the sign to say mommy, I want my routine. Maybe he didn't even know he needed it.

Well, we learned a lesson and now he can sleep easy.


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