Friday, February 4, 2011

Baby Sign Language

Would I have known how smart Geran is without sign? I think not. He shows me everyday, what he wants, what he is thinking about and how he plays... most through sign. He reads in sign and talks with sign. He pretend plays and uses sign. It is so natural for our family to communicate. It keeps peace within the family. There isn't a lot of crying, yelling, or frustration because what is the need? All the babies needs are met because he can ask for what he wants and needs.

We grow closer together because of sign. Geran can ly in the bed between daddy and I. He looks out the window and signs airplane, moon, trees, owl... whatever he is thinking about or hearing or seeing. We have whole conversations about it. What an enriched life he has. The advance vocabulary and discussions we have WITH him, not around him or at him, will make help him in his future. I am sure of it.


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